Today, insurers around the world face a common challenge – to grow the business while remaining profitable. Uncertain economic conditions, regulatory pressures, operational inefficiencies, and the need for improved transparency and risk management only add to the complexity of this task. To help drive the business forward, an insurer needs the right technology solutions supported by the right team of experts.

Works Core Administration solution offers insurance-in-a-box capabilities that go beyond traditional implementations to include group voluntary benefits, worksite marketing, product development, role-based workflows, illustrations, suitability, claims, billing and reinsurance.

The suite includes:

  • Actuarial calculations
  • Back-office reinsurance adminsitration
  • Financial and investment accounting and reporting
  • Front-office tools
  • Policy administration
iWorks Compass
iWorks Compass is a participant recordkeeping and plan administration solution that services participants from plan enrollment through payout.
iWorks Reinsurance Management

iWorks Reinsurance Management solution provides the tools to manage your assumed and ceded reinsurance business.

iWorks Illustrations

iWorks Illustrations is an insurance sales solution for life and annuity products.

We helps health insurance plans pull together disconnected systems, processes and stakeholders into an efficient, effective and cohesive network and insurance ecosystem.

We help you evaluate your operations and identify opportunities to integrate, streamline and transform your organization. Our enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) solutions can help you:

      • Increase efficiency
      • Cut costs
      • Improve transparency
      • Reduce risk
      • Improve customer service

SunGard provides efficiency and cost savings expertise to health plans through software applications and consulting services.  For over 20 years, we have helped more than 100 health plans streamline operations achieve new levels of efficiency and accelerate growth through automation.

Health Plan Futures Infographic

Process Controller

Insurance Process Controller is a system integration, process automation and composite application platform designed to meet the complex needs of health, life, and property/casualty insurers around the world.

iWorks FormWorks

iWorks FormWorks is a comprehensive automated front-end data capture solution for paper and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions that helps increase the accuracy, efficiency and reliability of data streams.

iWorks GBAS

iWorks GBAS solution helps you automate benefits and group health claims.

iWorks Healthcare Accelerators

iWorks Healthcare Accelerators combine technology, industry expertise and best practices to help health plans automate and streamline operations to achieve new levels of efficiency and service.

iWorks Macess

iWorks Macess is a platform of integrated solutions that blends business process management, enterprise content management and dedicated insurance consulting.

Financial Solutions is:

  • A comprehensive solution for financial accounting across the enterprise
  • An investment accounting and management solution that can grow with your business
  • A turnkey regulatory report generator informed by decades of experience
  • A series of services designed to let you focus on your business
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“When you are in the software solution you know the image you have to project to people. You have to be agile and authoritative; HTSolution is the way to go for software.”

Amanda Seyfried
Manager, Acher Systems