Fund administration suite supports the entire fund accounting and administration life cycle and helps lower costs, improve efficiency and ensure compliance. Investment strategies are rapidly evolving across the asset management sector, and mainstream fund managers are becoming less and less traditional in their approach. As a result, the role of traditional global fund administration firms has also broadened


What’s more, the processes and cycles that underpin fund administration and portfolio accounting must be carried out at a rapid pace. In this fast-moving environment, efficient, highly automated fund administration systems can help reduce fund administration operational errors, delays, inaccuracies and associated risk – and, at the same time, ensure the quality, accessibility and adaptability of reporting data.

Make data mean business with fund administration system

As the global investment landscape becomes more complex, asset managers urgently need ways to manage their new operational and data management challenges. Learn more about how fund administration system can help you make data mean business by supporting business diversification, increasing operational effectiveness  and meeting your expanded data requirements.

Investment Operations InvestOne

InvestOne is an investment accounting solution for institutional asset managers and large industrial providers in many markets.

Collateral Management

Hedge360 includes a single platform and real-time global inventory for collateral management and trading, providing a consolidated view of assets across products, asset classes and geographies.

Front Arena

Front Arena is a real-time, enterprise-wide platform for trading and risk management that is used by some of the largest hedge funds and fund administrators to manage their multi-strategy portfolios.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting software uses automated, web-based financial reporting technology to meet financial and regulatory reporting requirements for traditional and alternative portfolios.

IntelliMatch Operational Control Reconciliation Software

The IntelliMatch Operational Control solution suite incorporates advanced reconciliation software to help banks, brokers and buy side firms better manage reconciliation and system validation while reducing costs and risk.

Reaping the rewards of risk integration

APT automates the process of risk reporting and risk management for an institutional investment firm. Interactive dashboards provide investment managers and risk professionals with an enterprise-wide view of risk.

Transfer Agency

Transfer Agency is a comprehensive solution for high-volume, growth-minded transfer agency environments.

Control Center

The Control Center component of solution Investment Operations suite converts complex work processes into manageable electronic checklists and easy-to-read dashboards, giving you a centralized view of your fund accounting and investor accounting activities.

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