Digital and ChannelRedefine How You Engage with Your Customers

Providing excellent service across an expanding multitude of channels presents challenges. To thrive, you must be deeply committed to customer intimacy and make the transition from transactional, product-centered relationships to individually tailored offerings. We helps you meet customers at the point of need via the channel of their choice with personalized, value-added services.

  • Deliver the best attributes of social, mobile, analytics and cloud.
  • Increase customer acquisition, cross-sell and profitability by deepening existing relationships.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of emerging technology solutions that are in development in our innovation labs in World.
  • Let us help you map your current and future state, outlining key life events where a banking service meets a human need.
Retail Digital Solutions

Merchants and retail customers are looking to you to help them transform to participate in the emerging digital ecosystem. Retail digital banking solutions enable your loyal customers to conduct banking in their time, on their terms. Our flexible approach enables consumers to manage financial information while providing you with a relevant service to meet their ever-changing digital lifestyle needs.

  • Lower costs through an integrated platform that includes account data, transactions and marketing campaign support.
  • Deliver innovative payment and financial analysis tools through cloud-based solutions that keep you relevant to your customers’ needs as the digital ecosystem grows.
  • Take advantage of the industry’s deepest security and compliance solutions, giving your customers peace of mind.
Business Digital Solutions

Business customers have digital needs similar to the rest of your customers, but they also need the ability to manage complex cash management transactions. We can provide you with secure, scalable and innovative digital banking solutions tailored to meet the individual needs of your business customers.

  • Enable business customers to manage complex transactions through integrated tools that deliver control over all aspects of their financial relationships with the convenience of anywhere, anytime digital access.
  • Integrated cash management solutions empower your commercial customers to control all aspects of their financial holdings through your digital tools.
  • Integrated security and fraud prevention tools help reduce risk to you and your customers.

Call centers have become a primary point of escalation for customers, but they can also unlock hidden value. HTSolution’s call center solutions empower your associates to quickly and securely help customers while providing high-value interactions, resolving issues and identifying selling opportunities through the use of integrated analytics and customer care tools.

  • Lower implementation costs through integration with existing core systems.
  • Provide fast contact resolution and empower associates to upsell.
Assisted Channels

The branch experience impacts customer satisfaction, which is driven by frontline associates and the tools that allow them to provide a consistent and personalized customer interaction. Whether meeting customers in the branch, at their business or at a coffee shop, you can leverage a digital experience to more effectively engage in sales and service interactions.

  • TouchPoint  – Empower bank and call center associates to perform sales, service and account origination on either a tablet or traditional desktop.
  • TouchPoint Teller – Enable users to perform transactions, administer and manage cash and vault drawers, perform administrative tasks for managing staff, and report on all teller- and cash-related activities
Non-assisted Channels

Today’s customers are savvy consumers that want to bank according to their lifestyle needs and preferences. Bank customers expect more than a vast array of products and banking options – they want anytime, anywhere banking options coupled with consistent and superior customer service.

  • TouchPoint Consumer – Give your customer a seamless experience regardless of the origination point. With this highly configurable, consumer-facing application for online and mobile, transactions initiated by the customer can be picked up in the branch right where they left off.
  • TouchPoint Kiosk – Enable your customers to perform self-service transactions, shop for products and service, and receive targeted marketing recommendations, all without sacrificing the human experience. This in-lobby terminal solution integrates technology with branch associations, providing the customer with self-service, sales and monetary transaction processing capabilities
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“When you are in the software solution you know the image you have to project to people. You have to be agile and authoritative; HTSolution is the way to go for software.”

Amanda Seyfried
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