Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

With years of experience serving industrial customers, we understand hurdles in connecting machines to the cloud and creating tangible business values out of the network. Let us bring in expertise from both Cloud and industrial world to help you rapidly build a reliable and cost effective IoT solution.

HTSolution – Industrial IoT shares some commonness with consumer IoT, there are unique challenges in the industrial environment that need to be addressed for the solution to be productive.


  • Large
  • Connectivity
  • Operation

HTSolution's IoT Services

Connect virtually any machines and sensors to cloud 

  • Wide range of IoT Protocols expertise: CoAP, DDS, HTTP/REST, MQTT, SNMP, UPnP, XMPP, ZeroMQ
  • Embedded Programming for low level optimization
  • Device Driver development (Zigbee/ Z-wave, Connode, BT, BLE, WiFI, USB, 3G/ LTE) for Gateways
  • Embedded application development on Embedded Linux, WinCE, Android based Gateways/ Routers.
  • Low level integration, Fog Computing, real-time data processing in Gateway.


  • Cloud Security expertise: Our team will leverage the right Cloud security tools & artifacts like Access Control Lists, Logging, Security Groups, VPC, Firewall policies
  • Securing Machine Images by following Azure and AWS Best practices
  • Securing Data Stores and Data at rest with encryption
  • Managing and securing credentials for Management and API calls

Best leverage cloud services to build your IoT solutions 

  • Partnering and certified by Microsoft Azure and AWS, our experts help you pick and assemble the best services from two leading cloud platforms to quickly build high performing IoT solutions.
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“When you are in the software solution you know the image you have to project to people. You have to be agile and authoritative; HTSolution is the way to go for software.”

Amanda Seyfried
Manager, Acher Systems