Independent Testing Services

Quality has now become a top competitiveness driver for any business who looks to differentiate itself in the global market. At HTSolution, we join hands to help you reduce and mitigate the quality’s risks, ensuring the best quality of your products. We provide 2 service models: Quality Engineering and Managed Testing Services. Our test teams follow the Test Center of Excellence model (TCoE) of Managed Testing Services. The domain and technology expertise are enhanced and shared among the teams to improve quality and cost efficiency. This model also hastens the process of mobilizing our suitable resources for your specific projects.

  • Manage all aspects of product testing
  • Product quality assessment
  • Quality assurance consulting
  • Test solutions (processes and tools)
  • Functional test
  • Integration & system test
  • Performance test
  • Regression test
  • Compatibility test
  • Installation & upgrade test
  • Configuration testing
  • Localization test
  • Software Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Embedded Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Mobile App Testing

Service Offerings

Software Testing

We offer end-to-end solutions to test your applications in multiple platforms, from back-end to front-end, covering functional and non-functional quality characteristics. Our ready in-house test tools also help save cost and time while increasing productivity and project visibility.

Test Automation

With a dedicated R&D team, we provide automation test frameworks to accelerate testing as they cover end-to-end test scenarios, connect database testing and middleware testing to front-end testing. Our partnership with tool makers ensures to assist you in making the best of these tools

Embedded Testing

With proven experiences, our embedded testing services cover different phases, from requirement review to product test, for both hardware and software. We have been entrusted to establish Offshore Development and Testing Center.

Cloud Testing

HTSolution provides cost-efficient solutions to control the quality of your products in the cloud. Then, we help to ensure the quality of your cloud applications and cloudification projects. Our tool suites can boost testing productivity whether your systems are in AWS, Azure or on-premise.

Mobile Handset Test

Handsets industry’s time-to-market is usually short while products’ quality need to be 100% ensured. Understanding our clients’ concerns, our handset testing services cover critically high & urgent workload with top-notch precision and security.

Mobile App Testing

With the deep expertise in the field, from multimedia to enterprise applications, we provide mobile lab (on premise / cloud-based) and automation solutions to maximize test coverage, increase testing productivity and reduce chances of defect in multiple device models.

Test Center of Excellence

TCoE aims to maximize the effectiveness of software testing by centralizing all testing activities and resources. The teams then can deliver testing as a service in the organization.

Compatibility Testing

Your websites need to be compatible with multiple browsers? Your mobile applications need to be compatible with multiple OS and device models? We can help you in all kinds of compatibility testing.

Why you choose us

Full Product Verification

Manage all aspects of product testing

Test Planning & Execution

Full Test Planning & Execution

Test Automation

Full develop test automation scenarios